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Knee Pain Specialist

Dr. Matthew Pifer -  - Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon

Dr. Matthew Pifer

Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon & Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon located in Santa Barbara, CA

Knee pain is incredibly common and characterized by stiffness, swelling, and compromised function. Matthew Pifer, MD, is a Orthopedic surgeon who provides patients with prompt, effective relief from knee pain in Santa Barbara, California. If you sustained an injury from your last sports event, or if you have acute knee pain that makes daily activities difficult, call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn how you can find relief.

Knee Pain Q & A

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain can happen at any age, but as you get older, it’s often a result of the degenerative condition, osteoarthritis. An injury or mechanical problem brought on by years of wear and tear can also be to blame. You may experience pain due to problems with the bones, ligaments, or tendons in the knee area.

Common knee injuries include:

  • Ligament injuries, such as to the anterior cruciate ligament (or ACL)
  • Tendonitis, when the tendons surrounding your knee cap become inflamed
  • Fractures to the knee bones
  • Bursitis, inflammation of the fluid sacs that cushion your knee joint
  • Torn meniscus, in which you tear the cartilage around your knee
  • Degenerative conditions

You may also suffer knee pain due to a way you walk or as a compensatory effect of hip or foot pain. If you’re overweight or obese, knee pain is more likely, too.

How is knee pain treated?

The way in which Dr. Pifer treats your knee pain depends on the cause. You may benefit from physical therapy, massage, neuromuscular stimulation, injections, and medication.

The intention is to help you find long-lasting relief with the most minimally invasive interventions possible.

What are hyaluronic injections for knee pain?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance your body produces naturally. As you age, you produce less hyaluronic acid, leading to the deterioration of your knee joint and less smooth mobility there.

Hyaluronic acid injections restore lubrication and provide a cushion between your bones so they don’t rub together when you walk. You may achieve pain reduction for six months following such injections.

What is stem cell treatment for knee pain?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells produced naturally by your body. Stem cells can become whatever type of cell your body needs at a given point of injury.

When directly injected into areas of pain around your knee, these cells go to work, prompting the release of growth hormone and encouraging the development of new tissue to support an injured, inflamed knee joint.

To learn about all the possible therapies that provide long-lasting relief from painful knee joints, call the office of Matthew Pifer, MD, or schedule an appointment using the online tool.