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I would like to thank you for your kindness and excellent care regarding the surgery on my knee. You will be greatly missed in wilkes county. Good luck to you and your family. It was my pleasure to recommend you over the last year.


Dr. Pifer did a knee MPFL reconstruction on my daughter and knee surgery on my husband. Both surgeries were very successful and they are extremely happy with the results.

Dr Pifer did an excellent job on my SLAP tear.

Dr. Pifer repaired my meniscus 2 weeks ago today. The surgery was pain free. I walked out of the hospital. Post-surgery, I took my pain medicine for only 1 day, not because of pain but just as a precaution. I did not need any medication after that – there just wasn’t any pain. I followed Dr. Pifer’s instructions precisely regarding ice & exercise. One week, to the day, after surgery, I went for a short run. I expected pain or stiffness, but there was none. My knee feels like new and I have been running & walking without pain. Dr. Pifer has been tremendous, keeping me informed along the way.

Thanks, Doc! Well done!


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